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COSMOS Observations: Infrared, Optical, and Ultraviolet

In additon to the major COSMOS S-Cam optical observing program underway at the Subaru Telescope, IR/Optical/UV large imaging surveys of the entire COSMOS field are ongoing at several telescopes in both hemispheres.

Significant amounts of time have been allocated to COSMOS on the Subaru Telescope with Suprime-Cam, CFHT with Mega-Prime and WIRCAM, UKIRT with WFCAM, the UH2.2m with ULBCAM, the KPNO 4m with Flamingos, and the Blanco 4m with ISPI. The filter information and tranmission curves can be found at

This plot shows the final 5 sigma depth for all existing data and the expected 5 sigma depth for the Ultra-VISTA survey. The depths quoted are the measured flux in a 3 arc-second aperture with the exception of ACS which uses a 0.15 arc second aperture. The Ultra-VISTA data will only cover a 1x1.5 degree region in the center of the field with half of the data going 0.5 magnitudes deeper.

  • Subaru Suprime-Cam (PI: Y. Taniguchi): Broad band (100nm) imaging in Bj, g+, Vj, r+, i+ and z+ bands, Intermediate band (30nm) imaging centered at 427nm, 464nm, 484nm, 505nm, 527nm, 574nm, 624nm, 679nm, 709nm, 738nm, 767nm, and 827nm, and Narrow band (12nm) imaging centered at 711nm and 815nm.

  • CFHT Megaprime (PI D. Sanders (u*) and O. LeFevre (i*)): 30h of u* imaging spread over 4 pointings covering 2 square degrees, and 5h of i* data spread over 3.2 square degrees. In addition, the central 0.9 square degrees was covered by CFHT-LS in u*,g*,r*,i*,z*

  • CFHT WIRCAM (PI D. Sanders, C. Willot, J-P. Kneib): ~120h of Ks band imaging over 2 square degrees, with an additional 60h of H band allocated and 60h more planned.

  • UKIRT WFCAM (PI D. Sanders): ~12 nights of J band and ~5 nights of Y band imaging covering 2 square degrees.

  • UH2.2m ULBCAM (PI D. Sanders): ~45 nights of J band imaging covering 2 square degrees.

  • KPNO 4m and Blanco 4m (PI B. Mobasher): 19 nights of Ks band imaging

  • Starting in the spring of 2009 the Ultra-VISTA project will image the central 1 x 1.5 degrees of the COSMOS field to unprecedented 5 depths of >25.5 AB magnitude in Y, J, H, K over a five year period.

Updated June 2008.