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COSMOS Observations: VLA

Major radio continuum surveys of the COSMOS field with the VLA are largely complete:

  • VLA-COSMOS Large Project
    • 264 hours to cover the entire 2 square degree field at 20 cm (1.4 GHz, 75 MHz bandwidth) with a resolution of ~1.7" and sensitivity of ~8 microJy (1sigma)
    • Two part survey:
      1. 240 hours VLA A-array, 23 pointings at 10 hours per pointing
      2. 24 hours VLA C-array
    • Data products:
      1. flux calibrated image with absolute astrometry over the full COSMOS field
      2. a (parametric) source catalog (positions fluxes, sizes) of nearly 5,000 radio sources.
    • Goals:
      • the secure identification of dust-obscured galaxies
      • the evolution of the FIR/radio correlation for star forming galaxies
      • the evolution of low luminosity radio AGN to high redshift
      • setting the absolute astrometry for the entire COSMOS field
    • Team: E. Schinnerer (PI, MPIA) + 12 others
  • VLA-COSMOS Pilot Project
    • 10 hour pilot continuum survey with VLA A-array (Aug'03) at 1.4 GHz (bandwidth 75 MHz) covering the inner ~0.84 square degrees of the COSMOS field; (Schinnerer et al. 2004, AJ 128, 1974)
    • Sources: 246 sources detected, ~20 clearly extended. Sensitivity 25-100 microJy/beam
    • Data products (available from the COSMOS archive):
      1. flux calibrated image with absolute astrometry
      2. a (parametric) source catalog (positions, fluxes, sizes)
    • Team: E. Schinnerer (PI, NRAO/MPIA) + 9 others

Additional information on the VLA observations can be found on the VLA-COSMOS website.