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The HST-COSMOS Information System

We have a new COSMOS data portal developed by a group of our European team members. It provides access to a significant amount of our COSMOS data, through a convenient database query system:

The HST-COSMOS Information System

The COSMOS SkyWalker

For an excellent web-based viewer of the COSMOS field, try Knud Jahnke's

COSMOS Skywalker

The COSMOS Archive

Data obtained as part of the COSMOS Project can be downloaded from one of several archives:
  1. Public COSMOS Archive
    This archive is maintained by IRSA at IPAC. All COSMOS data (images and catalogs) that has been publicly released are available through this interface.
  2. Private (team-only) COSMOS Archive
    Also maintained by IRSA, this archive includes all data obtained by the project that is available to the team. This site is password-protected. Data moves from this archive to the public archive according to a data policy, usually one year after the data was obtained.
  3. MAST at STScI
    The HST data sets (ACS, WFPC2, and NICMOS) can be obtained from this archive in their raw and on-the-fly reduced form. These data have no proprietary period and can be downloaded as soon as they have been processed from the telescope. In addition, MAST is providing an archive of COSMOS High-Level Science Products from HST and GALEX. These are the same processed data products available from the COSMOS archive at IRSA, but organized a bit differently.