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July 27, 2017 • Current spotlights

Measuring star formation in Manchester

Greetings from Manchester! Several COSMOS team members are here at the UK ARC node ALMA regional centre this week attending the 'Measuring Star Formation in the Radio, Millimetre and Submillimetre' workshop. We're asking questions like: What is the best way to measure star formation in galaxies? What are the biases involved in our measurements and how can we overcome them? What kind of observations and telescopes do we need in the future to achieve this? We're already well on the way with amazing telescopes like ALMA, JVLA and Herschel and we look forward to the future with JWST, SKA and beyond!

July 11, 2017 • Current spotlights

14th COSMOS team meeting - Kyoto, Japan

The annual COSMOS team meeting is over for another year! This was the 14th meeting and was held on the 4-7th July at the University of Kyoto in Japan. More than 70 team members from all over Europe, North America and Asia attended the meeting. We heard the latest updates on new data and data products available and new surveys underway, planned exciting future endeavours, and discussed our work on a wide range of science topics including galaxy evolution, the high redshift Universe, large scale structure, active galactic nuclei and the interplay between infrared and radio light. The local organisers did a fantastic job preparing for the week and the meeting was a great success enjoyed by all. We thank them again for all their efforts. We are already looking forward to next year's meeting in Copenhagen! Click below to read more.

July 10, 2017 • Current spotlights

COSMOS Founder Nick Scoville Honored for Lifetime of Outstanding Research in Astronomy

COSMOS founder Nick Scoville has been awarded the 2017 Catherine Wolfe Bruce Gold Medal — an honor bestowed by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) since 1898 for "a lifetime of outstanding research in astronomy." The COSMOS team would like to congratulate Nick on this well deserved award.

June 7, 2017 • Current spotlights

The VLA-COSMOS 3 GHz Large Project - Deep space studies with a new radio sky survey

An international team of astronomers has conducted a powerful new survey of the sky at radio wavelengths. This has provided some of the most advanced data with which to examine the life-cycle of galaxies over the past 13 billion years of the universe’s history. This survey, and several of the key scientific findings, will be presented in an upcoming VLA-COSMOS special issue of the Astronomy & Astrophysics journal. Go to the full article for more information and to view our exciting video series!