The team members

Team members

COSMOS consists of researchers from all over the world. A full list of all current members will be available here soon.

Here is a team photo taken at the June 2015 COSMOS team meeting in Helsinki:




Scientific Steering Committee

The members of the COSMOS Scientific Steering Committee are:


Peter Capak (Chair)

Simon Lilly (Co-Chair)


Andrea Comastri

Alvio Renzini

Caitlin Casey

Martin Elvis

Francesca Civano

Guenther Hasinger

Herve Aussel

Henry McCracken

John Silverman

Marcella Carollo

Bahram Mobasher

Nick Scoville

Olivier LeFevre

Jason Rhodes

Mike Rich

Dave Sanders

Eva Schinnerer

Yoshi Taniguchi

Vernesa Smolcic

Gigi Guzzo

Mauro Giavalisco

Patrick Shopbell

Marcella Brusa