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COSMOS Publications: COSMOS External (Non-Team)
COSMOS Team Publications

Updated: June 22, 2009

This page provides links to refereed scientific papers on the COSMOS field that have been published by researchers outside of the COSMOS collaboration. While every attempt has been made to update this listing, it is probably not complete.

A 1.75 kpc/h Separation Dual AGN at z=0.36 in the COSMOS Field
J. M. Comerford et al. (astro-ph 0906.3517; submitted to ApJL)

The evolution of early and late type galaxies in the COSMOS up to z~1.2
M. Pannella et al. (astro-ph 0906.2810; accepted for ApJ)

Expanding the Search for Galaxies at z ~ 7-10 with New NICMOS Parallel Fields
A. L. Henry et al. (ApJ 2009, 697, 1128)

Low-Power Radio Galaxies in the Distant Universe: A Search for FR I at 1 < z < 2 in the Cosmos Field
M. Chiaberge et al. (ApJ 2009, 696, 1103)

HiZELS: a high redshift survey of Hα emitters. II: the nature of star-forming galaxies at z=0.84
D. Sobral et al. (astro-ph 0901.4114)

The structures of distant galaxies - III. The merger history of over 20000 massive galaxies at z < 1.2
C. Conselice (MNRAS 2009, 394, 1956)

Gravitational lenses and lens candidates identified from the COSMOS field
N. Jackson (MNRAS 2008, 389, 1311)

HiZELS: a high-redshift survey of Hα emitters - I. The cosmic star formation rate and clustering at z = 2.23
J. E. Geach et al. (MNRAS 2008, 388, 1473)

A deep i-selected multi-waveband galaxy catalogue in the COSMOS field
A. Gabasch et al. (MNRAS 2008, 383, 1319)

Distant galaxy clusters in the COSMOS field found by HIROCS
M. Zatloukal et al. (A&Ap 2007, 474L, 5)