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The Cosmological Evolution Survey (COSMOS) is an astronomical survey designed to probe the formation and evolution of galaxies as a function of both cosmic time (redshift) and the local galaxy environment. The survey covers a 2 square degree equatorial field with imaging by most of the major space-based telescopes and a number of large ground based telescopes, with many ongoing surveys. Over 2 million galaxies are detected, spanning 75% of the age of the Universe. The COSMOS survey involves more than 100 scientists in a dozen countries.

  • In 'For the Public' you can learn about the secrets of the Universe COSMOS hopes to unravel, the different telescopes used for COSMOS surveys, explore some of the images and meet our team Artist-in-Residence.
  • 'For Astronomers' provides astronomers with data access, a comprehensive summary of all available data products, a list of team members and other useful tools.
  • 'For Reviewers' gives a detailed summary of the multiwavelength data available in COSMOS, suitable for an expert audience and reviewers.
  • In 'Publications', 'News' and in the Spotlight below you can find out about some of the exciting scientific research that is being conducted by members of the COSMOS collaboration.

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