Public Data Release

COSMOS-Web Data Release 0.2: 
Epoch 1 (January 2023) NIRCam and MIRI Mosaics

We are pleased to announce the public release of the first epoch of COSMOS-Web imaging. These data were taken 2023 January 5-6 as 6 separate, contiguous pointings and have been stitched together into a single mosaic covering 77 sq. arcmin. Within the release, you will find a single i2d file per filter in a single tar.gz file for each instrument, as well as the separate SCI, ERR, and WHT extensions available as individual files. The NIRCam mosaics (F115W, F150W, F277W, F444W) are available at 30 and 60mas and the MIRI F770W mosaic at 60 and 90mas.


To access the full data release directly, visit this link: 

Please see the associated README files describing the data reduction steps.


If you have any questions, please contact the program PIs: Jeyhan Kartaltepe (jeyhan at astro dot rit dot edu) and Caitlin Casey (cmcasey at utexas dot edu) or the NIRCam/MIRI Data reduction leads: Maximilien Franco (maximilien.franco at austin dot utexas dot edu) and Santosh Harish (sxhsps at rit dot edu).


This work used the CANDIDE computer system at the Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris, which was funded through grants from the PNCG, CNES, DIM-ACAV, and the Cosmic Dawn Center and maintained by S. Rouberol.