ALPINE (The ALMA Large Program to Investigate CII at Early Times)

(PIs: O. LeFèvre, A. Faisst, M. Bethermin, P. Capak, P. Cassata, D. Schaerer, J. Silverman, L. Yan)

ALPINE is a 70h cycle 5 ALMA program (2017.1.00428.L) to study the gas and dust properties of young galaxies during the early growth phase at redshifts z = 4-6. ALPINE observes in total 122 main-sequence galaxies with spectroscopic redshifts between 4.4 to 5.9 in COSMOS (108) and the GOODS-S/ECDFS (14) at a rest-frame wavelength of 158 micro-meter and measures their singly ionized Carbon emission (C+) as well as their far-infrared (FIR) continuum. The chosen galaxies are representative of the Universe at these times and therefore ALPINE provides a representative picture of their physical properties.

The main science questions addressed with ALPINE are:


In addition to this, ALPINE provides a lasting legacy in the data-rich ECDFS and COSMOS areas. These data will pave the way for detailed follow-up observations, e.g., with ALMA at higher spatial resolution, and provide a reference sample for studies with future facilities like JWST.



Data is being taken right now and will be finished in 2018.

Release papers: Faisst et al., in prep. (science release), Bethermin et al., in prep. (ALMA data products)
Other papers: TBD

Contact: A. Faisst (North America PI) at afaisst[at]


Bolometer observations (10-35'' resolution)

See the field coverage plot and table below for a summary of observation properties.

Interferometric follow-up (0.35-3'' resolution)

References: Younger et al. 2007, 2009; Aravena et al. 2010; Smolcic et al. 2012a,b; Miettinen et al. 2015.


Image: The field coverage of the various sub-millimeter surveys within the COSMOS region.


Summary of parameters for sub-millimeter bolometric observations in the COSMOS field.

Telescope/Instrument Band Depth (1σ) Area (deg2) Reference
JCMT/AzTEC 1.1 mm 1.3 mJy/beam 0.15 Scott et al. (2008)
ASTE/AzTEC 1.1 mm 1.26 mJy/beam 0.72 Aretxaga et al. (2011)
LABOCA 0.87 mm 1.68 mJy/beam 0.75 Navarrete et al. (in prep)
MAMBO 1.2 mm 1.0 mJy/beam 0.11 Bertoldi et al. (2007)
JCMT/SCUBA-2 0.45 mm 4.13 mJy/beam 0.11 Casey et al. (2013)
JCMT/SCUBA-2 0.85 mm 0.8 mJy/beam 0.11 Casey et al. (2013)
CSO-Bolocam 1.1 mm 1.9 mJy/beam 0.27 Aguirre et al. (2011)
GISMO 2 mm

0.23 (0.3) mJy/beam

0.07 (0.16)

Karim et al. (in prep)