The COSMOS2015 catalog is now public!

July 1, 2016

The COSMOS2015 catalogue combines the >30 band photometry and SED fits (photometric redshifts, stellar masses, SFRs, etc) of half a million sources up to z=6 spread over the 2 square-degrees of COSMOS.
In particular, it uses the new UltraVISTA images, as well as the Spitzer SPLASH photometry!

The paper by Laigle et al. (2016) explaining the catalog can be found on the arXiv now:
The catalog can be downloaded via anonymous FTP.

COSMOS2015 zszp

Image: A comparison of spectroscopic and photometric redshifts of COSMOS2015 galaxies.  The dashed and dashed-dot lines show zp=zs±0.05(1+zs) and zp=zs±0.15(1+zs), respectively. From Laigle et al (2016) Figure 12.