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COSMOS is a deep, wide area, multi-wavelength survey aimed at measuring the evolution of galaxies on scales from a few Kpc to 10's of Mpc.

The COSMOS survey is centered at (J2000):
RA +150.11916667 (10:00:28.600)
DEC +2.20583333 (+02:12:21.00)

The main data sets covers a 2 square degree region around this center, but some data sets extend significantly beyond this region.

The field has been observed at all accessible wavelengths from the X-ray to the radio with most of the major space-based (Hubble, Spitzer, GALEX, XMM, Chandra, Herschel, NuStar) and ground based telescopes (Keck, Subaru, Very Large Array (VLA) , European Southern Observatory Very Large Telescope (ESO-VLT), United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT), The National Optical Astronomical Observatory (NOAO) Badde and Blanco telescopes, the Canada France Hawaii Telescope (CFHT), and others).

The list of broad-, intermediate- and narrow-band filters that are used by the COSMOS survey can be found here.

The plot below shows the final 5 σ depth for all existing data and the expected 5 σ depth for the Ultra-VISTA survey. The depths quoted are the measured flux in a 3 arc-second aperture. (Click on image to enlarge)



Data access

All COSMOS data can be found in the public/private COSMOS Archive. Direct links to particular data sets are also given to the right of each data set description on this website.

Public COSMOS Archive

This archive is maintained by IRSA at IPAC. All COSMOS data (images and catalogs) that has been publicly released are available through this interface. This includes a cutout server and catalog search tool as well as a repository of images, spectra, and catalogs.

Private COSMOS Archive (team only)

Also maintained by IRSA, this archive includes all data obtained by the project that is available to the team. This site is password-protected. Data moves from this archive to the public archive according to a data policy, usually one year after the data was obtained. This includes a cutout server and catalog search tool as well as a repository of images, spectra, and catalogs.

The HST-COSMOS Information System

A group of our European team members have developed a new data portal based on a convenient database query system.

Other data access tools

The COSMOS SkyWalker

For an excellent web-based viewer of the COSMOS field, try Knud Jahnke's COSMOS Skywalker.


The HST data sets (ACS, WFPC2, WFC3, and NICMOS) can be obtained from this archive in their raw and on-the-fly reduced form. These data have no proprietary period and can be downloaded as soon as they have been processed from the telescope. In addition, MAST is providing an archive of COSMOS High-Level Science Products from HST and GALEX. These are the same processed data products available from the COSMOS archive at IRSA, but organized a bit differently.