COSMOS filter set

This page contains a list of broad-, intermediate- and narrow-band filters from ground and space that are used by the COSMOS survey. For each filter we also provide the filter transmission curve (throughput vs. wavelength in Angstroms) for download. Ground based filter transmission curves are Filter + Optics + Mirror + Atmosphere + Detector, while space based Transmission curves are Filter + Optics + Mirror + Detector. All transmission curves are given in units of photons (QE). The wavelengths given in the tables are computed as the median wavelength weighted by transmission.
For a quick view of the filter transmission, click on the filter name.

Contact: Andreas Faisst - afaisst [at]



SDSS Telescope Filters from the SDSS DR3 Camera Page. These are at airmass of 1.3.

Name Wavelength [Å] Transmission
SDSS u' 3573.89 u_SDSS.res
SDSS g' 4723.55 g_SDSS.res
SDSS r' 6202.46 r_SDSS.res
SDSS i' 7522.43 i_SDSS.res
SDSS z' 8912.52 z_SDSS.res



2MASS Telescope Filters from the 2MASS Facilities and Operations pages. These are the 0.5mm water vapor atmosphere curves.

Name Wavelength [Å] Transmission
2MASS J 12494.98 J_2mass.res
2MASS H 16467.24 H_2mass.res
2MASS Ks 21640.89 Ks_2mass.res


CFHT (MegaPrime and Wircam)

CFHT Megaprime Filters from SAGEM multiplied by the CFHT mirror, Megaprime-Optics, and CCDs at airmass of 1.2. Information can be found at the CFHT Filter Page and the Megaprime site.

CFHT Wircam Filters are taken from The CFHT Filter Page.

Name Wavelength [Å] Transmission
CFHT/MegaPrime u* 3823.29 u_megaprime_sagem.res
CFHT/MegaPrime g* 4877.37 g_megaprime_sagem.res
CFHT/MegaPrime r* 6230.62 r_megaprime_sagem.res
CFHT/MegaPrime i* 7617.66 i_megaprime_sagem.res
CFHT/MegaPrime z* 8827.98 z_megaprime_sagem.res
CFHT/Wircam H 16311.41 wircam_H.res
CFHT/Wircam Ks 21590.44 wircam_Ks.res



Name Wavelength [Å] Transmission
UKRIT/WFCAM Y 10367.94 WFCAM_Y.res
UKIRT/UH88 J 12491.02 J_wfcam.res



Name Wavelength [Å] Transmission
CTIO/KPNO - Flamingos/ISPI Ks 21537.23 flamingos_Ks.res


Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam (Broad Band)

The transmission curves are provided for an airmass of 1.2.

Name Wavelength [Å] Transmission
HSC / g 4816.12 g_HSC.txt
HSC / r 6234.11 r_HSC.txt
HSC / i 7740.58 i_HSC.txt
HSC / z 9125.20 z_HSC.txt
HSC / Y 9779.93 y_HSC.txt


Subaru Suprime-Cam (Broad Band)

The transmission curves are provided for an airmass of 1.2.

Name Wavelength [Å] Transmission
Subaru B 4458.32 B_subaru.res
Subaru V 5477.83 V_subaru.res
Subaru g+ 4777.07 g_subaru.res
Subaru r+ 6288.71 r_subaru.res
Subaru i+ 7683.88 i_subaru.res
Subaru z+ with LL CCDs (2004-2008) 9036.88 z_subaru.res
Subaru z++ with FD CCDs (Jan 2009) 9105.72 suprime_FDCCD_z.res


Subaru Suprime-Cam (Intermediate Band)

Subaru Telescope Intermediate Band Filters from the Suprime-Cam Intermediate Band Filter Page. These at airmass of 1.2 at the center of the filter.

Name Wavelength [Å] Transmission
Subaru IA427 4263.45 IB427.SuprimeCam.pb
Subaru IA464 4635.13 IB464.SuprimeCam.pb
Subaru IA484 4849.20 IB484.SuprimeCam.pb
Subaru IA505 5062.51 IB505.SuprimeCam.pb
Subaru IA527 5261.13 IB527.SuprimeCam.pb
Subaru IA574 5764.76 IB574.SuprimeCam.pb
Subaru IA624 6233.09 IB624.SuprimeCam.pb
Subaru IA679 6781.13 IB679.SuprimeCam.pb
Subaru IA709 7073.63 IB709.SuprimeCam.pb
Subaru IA738 7361.56 IB738.SuprimeCam.pb
Subaru IA767 7684.89 IB767.SuprimeCam.pb
Subaru IA827 8244.53 IB827.SuprimeCam.pb


Subaru Suprime-Cam (Narrow Band)

Subaru Telescope Narrow Band Filters from the Suprime-Cam Intermediate Band Filter Page. These at airmass of 1.2 at the center of the filter.

Name Wavelength [Å] Transmission
Subaru NB711 7119.88 NB711.SuprimeCam.pb
Subaru NB816 8149.39 NB816.SuprimeCam.pb



NEWFIRM-IA band filters provided with EAZY. Ks band filter from NOAO NEWFIRM page + the 2MASS atmosphere.

Name Wavelength [Å] Transmission
NEWFIRM J1 10468.80 J1.res
NEWFIRM J2 11954.16 J2.res
NEWFIRM J3 12784.78 J3.res
NEWFIRM H1 15608.68 H1.res
NEWFIRM H2 17072.10 H2.res
NEWFIRM Ks 21718.94 Ks_newfirm.res



These filter curves were taken from the VIRCAM Instrument page and include the atmosphere and the instrumental response.

Name Wavelength [Å] Transmission
VISTA/Y 10214.19 Y_uv.res
VISTA/J 12534.65 J_uv.res
VISTA/H 16453.41 H_uv.res
VISTA/Ks 21539.88 K_uv.res



Galex Filter Transmission Curves in units of QE from Morrissey et. al. (2004)

Name Wavelength [Å] Transmission
GALEX FUV (1500A) 1539.78 galex1500.res
GALEX NUV (2500A) 2313.89 galex2500.res



HST Transmission Curves from The ACS Manual, The NICMOS manual, The WFC3 manual and WFPC2 curves Provided with the BPZ code

Name Wavelength [Å] Transmission
WFPC2/F300W 2999.97 F300W_WFPC2.res
WFPC2/F450W 4573.61 F450_WFPC2.res
ACS/F475W 4766.41 ACS_F475W.res
ACS/F606W 5962.23 ACS_F606W.res
ACS/F814W 8073.43 ACS_F814W.res
WFC3/F105W 10552.00 wfc3_f105w.res
WFC3/F125W 12501.04 wfc3-F125W.res
WFC3/F140W 13970.98 wfc3-F140W.res
WFC3/F160W 15418.27 wfc3-F160W.res
NICMOS/F160W 15931.15 NICMOS_F160W.res



IRAC Transmission Curvevs from the IRAC Instrument page. MIPS Transmission Curvevs from the MIPS Instrument page converted to units of QE.

NOTE: The Spitzer MIPS photometric system are not calibrated on the AB system. MIPS is calibrated relative to a 10,000K black body. As a result there are zero-point offsets between the pipeline calibrated Spitzer data and the AB system. These offsets are given below and must be added to the measured magnitude. These corrections can be found on page 30 of the MIPS data hand book.

Name Wavelength [Å] Transmission
IRAC 3.6 μm 35634.28 irac_ch1.res
IRAC 4.5 μm 45110.13 irac_ch2.res
IRAC 5.8 μm 57593.39 irac_ch3.res
IRAC 8.0 μm 79594.95 irac_ch4.res
MIPS 24 μm 236747.51 mips24.res
MIPS 70 μm 714193.90 mips70.res
MIPS 160 μm 1558939.35 mips160.res



Transmission Curvevs provided by the GTO teams.

Name Wavelength [Å] Transmission
PACS 100 μm 1036928.77 PACS_filter_100.txt
PACS 160 μm 1697691.33 PACS_filter_160.txt
SPIRE 250 μm 2536859.83 SPIRE_filter_250.txt
SPIRE 350 μm 3557125.92 SPIRE_filter_350.txt
SPIRE 500 μm 5191371.41 SPIRE_filter_500.txt