Measuring star formation in Manchester

July 27, 2017

Greetings from Manchester! Several COSMOS team members are here at the UK ARC node ALMA regional centre this week attending the 'Measuring Star Formation in the Radio, Millimetre and Submillimetre' workshop. We've overcome the wet summer weather here to ask questions like: What is the best way to measure star formation in galaxies? What are the biases involved in our measurements and how can we overcome them? What kind of observations and telescopes do we need in the future to achieve this? We're already well on the way with amazing telescopes like ALMA, JVLA and Herschel and we look forward to the future with JWST, SKA and beyond!

Manchester2017Picture: Left to right - Daniel Molnar (Uni. Sussex), Eric Jimenez-Andrade (Uni. Bonn), Sarah Leslie (MPIA), Jacinta Delhaize (Uni. Zagreb), Kevin Harrington (Uni. Bonn). Attending the Measuring Star Formation workshop at the UK ARC Node ALMA Regional Centre.