Nick Scoville receives the 2021 Henry Norris Russell Lectureship Prize

January 13, 2021


The 2021 Henry Norris Russell Lectureship, celebrating a career of eminence in astrophysical research, goes to our very own Nick Scoville (Caltech) for lifelong contributions to our understanding of molecular gas and star formation in the Milky Way and other galaxies, for visionary leadership, and for inspiring generations of early career astronomers. He guided early surveys of molecular gas in the Milky Way and nearby galaxies, led the expansion of the Caltech millimeter-wave array, and initiated and led the Cosmic Evolution Survey (COSMOS) of high-redshift galaxies. He also developed theory for molecular excitation, infrared emission from star formation, and the evolution of starburst galaxies and active galactic nuclei.

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