Spitzer mid-IR

Spitzer Space Telescope

Four large Spitzer programs observed the COSMOS field.


S-COSMOS (PI: D. Sanders) is a deep infrared imaging survey of the COSMOS field with the Spitzer Space Telescope in Cycles 2 and 3 which obtained deep IRAC and MIPS observations over the full 2 square degree field.

Contact: David Sanders - sanders [at] ifa.hawaii.edu


COSMOS-IRS (PI: N. Scoville) is a Cycle 5 mid-infrared spectroscopic survey of 55 galaxies at z~0.7 covering the full range of environments at that redshift using the IRS instrument.

Contact: Nick Scoville - nzs [at] astro.caltech.edu ; Lin Yan - lyan [at] ipac.caltech.edu


SEDS (PI: G. Fazio) is a warm mission exploration science program that covered the central 0.2 square degrees of COSMOS with deep IRAC imaging.

Contact: Giovanni Fazio - gfazio [at] cfa.harvard.edu


SPLASH (Spitzer Large Area Survey with Hyper-Suprime-Cam; PI: P. Capak) is a ~2900h Spitzer program carrying out deep (~25.5AB mag) IRAC imaging over 3.8 square degrees.  This will be used to conduct a comprehensive investigations of the earliest stages of galaxy, AGN and large-scale structure formation on cosmologically important scales, providing deep mid-IR imaging for two major 1.8 deg2 fields (COSMOS and SXDS).  These two fields have been the target of, and are scheduled for, unparalleled deep imaging in the optical, sub-mm and radio.

The fields have unique, Hyper-Suprime-Cam (HSC) imaging (to ~27-28 magAB for broad bands across the 0.4-1.0μm wavelength range) along with UV (Galex), X-ray (Chandra/XMM), optical (HST), near-infrared, mid-infrared (Spitzer/Herschel), sub-mm, and radio. The COSMOS field is the primary deep fieldfor the Nu-starmission and both fields have been ranked as high priority deep-field targets for Euclid. These fields also have extensive spectroscopy with Keck (>50nt), Subaru-FMOS (>30nt), VLT (>1000nt), and are the primary targets for the future Subaru Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS) surveys.

Contact: Peter Capak - capak [at] astro.caltech.edu

Spitzer imaging data summary
Band Depth (5 sigma) Area (sq. Degrees)
IRAC 3.6 0.9 μJy 2.4
IRAC 4.5 1.67 μJy 2.4
IRAC 5.8 11.3 μJy 2.4
IRAC 8.0 14.6 μJy 2.4
MIPS 24 71μJy 4
MIPS 70 7.5 mJy 4
MIPS 160 70 mJy 4
Warm IRAC 3.6 0.15 μJy 0.2
Warm IRAC 4.5 0.2 μJy 0.2
SPLASH 0.2 μJy 3.8