Qi Guo has made mock catalogs based on the Millenium simulation avaialble here.

There are three light cones corresponding to three simulations.

WMAP1y.tar.gz:   WMAP1 cosmology + galaxy formation model (Model A in Wanget al. (2008))

WMAP3yb.tar.gz:  WMAP3 cosmology + galaxy formation model (Model B in  Wanget al. (2008))

WMAP3yc.tar.gz:  WMAP3 cosmology + galaxy formation model (Model C in  Wanget al. (2008))


The detailed description of simulation and the parameters can be found in Wang et al. (2008). For each simulation, we adopts two different dust models according to their different redshift dependence of optical depth.


mag_dust1 and magrf_dust1 correspond to dust model1:


The redshift dependence of the face-on optical depth is (1+z)-1. (It is adopted in Manfred's paper, but the description in his paper is kind of misleading for this part)


mag_dust2 and magrf_dust2 correspond to dust model2 :


The redshift dependence of the face-on optical depth is (1+z)-0.4. This dust model works very well for LBG/BX/DRGs.


Other detailed description of the dust model can be found in  Kitzbichler and  White (2007). 



The light cone survey covers an area of 1.4*1.4 deg2. It extends beyond z~11 and there is no duplication within 1500Mpc/h comoving distance. No IGM absorption has been included yet. 


I include an IDL file to read the catalogue. 11 bands are included in the catalogues in the order of 


Note that FUV and NUV bands are not tested and the population synthesis may be unreliable.